DTS Patch & Client Management

DTS Patch & Client Management

Everyday, complex IT tasks often take up large amounts of time and human resources. This lowers productivity and efficiency. At the same time, vulnerabilities in operating systems and applications are among the most common points of attack for cyber criminals. Conscientious management of patches and clients, although laborious, is therefore equally relevant to security. Our DTS Patch & Client Management is not only a way to standardize and automate all processes, from rollout and necessary updates to ongoing management. Our managed services significantly reduce your administrative work and ensure secure management of all patches and clients.

Matthias Behrens
Sales Specialist - Managed Services
+49 5221 1013-704 Contact
Tom Kulartz
Sales Specialist - Managed Services
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Complete lifecycle support through our Patch & Client Management

Provisioning from the DTS data centers

Complete support & configuration of the platform

Creation of all application, driver, patch and operating system packages

Automation of packaging, distribution, installation & administration

Customization of the update sources for Office 365 & Windows Feature Updates

DTS Helpdesk Service

The service

Our DTS Patch & Client Management in detail:

For lifecycle support of your patches and clients with our Patch & Client Management solution, we can take over the entire all-round service package if required. Provisioning comes from our own certified high-performance data centers. In this way, we guarantee continuous operation, security and scalability. You receive the software packages from our data centers via a secure HTTPS connection to a depot server pre-installed by us or your own infrastructure.

In addition, we create all application, driver and operating system packages and take over all aspects of support for and configuration of the platform. Of course, we will coordinate all individual rules with you. Distribution is always carried out in compliance with the defined settings and groupings. 

In addition, we offer centralized management of Office 365 and Windows Feature Updates, so that you can switch between Microsoft and DTS servers, for example, to provide employees working from home or in-house systems with the optimal transmission path.

Last but not least, our first and second-level support is available to you in the form of the DTS Helpdesk Service. Contacts are on site around the clock and provide direct assistance. In this way, we guarantee permanent and professional support from our technical experts.

Take advantage of the many years of expertise behind DTS. We will relieve the burden on your IT department significantly!

Features DTS Client Management DTS Patch Management
Automatic PC & software installations Yes No
Automatic installations of drivers Yes No
Automatic configuration of software (server connections, settings) Yes No
Update and patch management for 3rd party applications Yes Yes
Software and hardware inventory Yes No
Preparation of data carriers and rollouts Yes No
Packaging of the software Yes No
Distribution via web possible (https) Yes Yes
Individual software store Yes No
Scheduled patches Yes Yes
Success control after installation and updates Yes Yes
Monitoring of software rollouts Yes No
Automatic and rule-based execution of updates & patches (eliminate vulnerabilities) Yes Yes
Compliance with guidelines, e.g., by forming departmental groups for packaging Yes No
Revision security through documentation in case of changes Yes No

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    Matthias Behrens
    Sales Specialist - Managed Services
    matthias.behrens@dts.de+49 5221 1013-704
    Tom Kulartz
    Sales Specialist - Managed Services
    tom.kulartz@dts.de+49 5221 1013-213
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