DTS Mobile Device Management (MDM)

DTS Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Usage, as well as the sheer, growing number of mobile devices in circulation, pose difficult mobility management challenges for enterprises. With DTS Mobile Device Management (MDM), you unify the management of all your mobile endpoints. A centralized admin console provides the ability to set applications and compliance policies for your endpoints and inventory them.

As a cloud service provider, we operate a dedicated environment of the leading VMware Workspace One for you in one of our certified data centers. Our own IT infrastructures enable us to offer you a true all-round cloud service as a single point of contact, e.g. by providing the necessary Unified Access Gateways (UAG) at our premises and operating them for you.

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Unified management of all your mobile devices


VMware management platform deployed in our certified data centers

Maintenance & import of service packs & updates

Provision of a Unified Access Gateway (UAG)

Single point of contact

Taking over the 1st & 2nd level support as well as direct forwarding to the 3rd level support of VMware

Assessment & review of the environment by our specialists

The service

Our DTS Mobile Device Management (MDM) in detail:

The solution is flexibly scalable, either licensed per device or per user. In any case, business and personal data can be separated on all devices. Personal data, e.g. GPS locations or privately used apps, remain explicitly personal, with simultaneous, secure monitoring of company data. It can be centrally set whether only company-specific content can be deleted or all data. With appropriate rights, this is also up to the end user, via self-service portal (SSP).

The Secure E-Mail Gateway offers enhanced security for e-mails and their attachments through additional setting options. The Enterprise E-Mail Boxer also separates business and private data. It also provides access to corporate email, calendar and contacts across company-owned devices and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

A key function of the solution is to maintain IT compliance automatically by means of defined workflows. These can be implemented, for example, via white- and blacklisting in applications, or in GPS acquisition, geofencing or operating system version control.

The own browser offers an absolutely secure alternative to the native web browser. This can be customized and configured by the admin according to the company's requirements, e.g. by restricting certain web pages, as well as the opening of links. The Content Locker also protects all confidential content in a corporate container and provides users with a central app to access documents. Here, they can only see those documents that the admin provides and approves.

With our own certified data centers, hybrid scenarios are also possible, e.g. by providing a Unified Access Gateway (UAG). Among other things, this ensures secure connectivity & connectivity. In any case, we provide the VMware management platform and take care of the maintenance as well as the installation of service packs and updates. On top of that, we are your single point of contact and take care of 1st and 2nd level support. In addition, we immediately forward 3rd level support directly to VMware. Our specialists permanently evaluate and check the environment and ensure maximum stability.


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    Tom Kulartz
    Sales Specialist - Managed Services
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