Hyper Converged Systems

Hyper Converged Systems

Hyperconverged systems or hyperconverged infrastructures (HCIs) involve the combination of network, servers and storage in one unit. This makes it possible to build IT infrastructures that are easy to install, administer and scale. This consolidation saves costs in the long term and significantly reduces administrative expenses. We advise you on the establishment of agile and efficient IT.

Timo Butenkemper
Head of Sales - Cloud
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Stefan Seidel
Regional Director & Head of Sales - Technologies
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Hyperconverged systems as a combination of network, servers & storage in one unit

Easy to install, easy to administer, scalable

Consistently saves costs & reduces administrative expenses

ROBO concepts for standardized & multi-site infrastructures

Dedicated platforms and backup & disaster recovery concepts

Many years of project experience with HCIs & long-term partnerships with leading providers

Demo equipment for PoCs

The service

Our hyperconverged systems in detail:

Consolidating servers, storage and networking into agile, lean HCIs requires intelligent design. With functions such as deduplication & compression (DECO), which we know from modern storage systems, data is stored efficiently to minimize space requirements. The systems generally offer high availability thanks to built-in redundancies. They can also be split between different server rooms to increase availability even further. Ultimately, it is possible to supplement or replace centralized data center infrastructures with HCIs without cutting back on availability.

It is also possible to exchange data between individual nodes or even locations effectively through the built-in DECO functions. HCI solutions are therefore particularly suitable for designing remote office and branch office (ROBO) concepts. You end up with a standardized, cross-site infrastructure that you can manage efficiently through familiar tools like VMware vCenter.

Given the many advantages of the solution and the flexible application options, these systems are suitable for the following use cases:

  • Data center consolidation and hardware refresh
  • Dedicated platforms for specific use cases (e.g. central VDI environment)
  • Remote office & branch office (ROBO) concepts
  • Backup & disaster recovery concepts

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    Timo Butenkemper
    Head of Sales - Cloud
    timo.butenkemper@dts.de+49 5221 1013-268
    Stefan Seidel
    Regional Director & Head of Sales - Technologies
    stefan.seidel@dts.de+49 5221 1013-024
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