Kubernetes Workshop

Kubernetes Workshop

You have no or hardly any know-how ...
... about containers or Kubernetes (e.g. K8s objects)?
... about the setup of Kubernetes environments (e.g. corresponding requirements)?
... about managing a Kubernetes environment (e.g. updates)?
... about applications that can currently be mapped as containers?
... about getting rid of or modernizing legacy application landscapes?
... about the procurement of applications according to consumption or optimized resources?

We go together with you the way into the topics containers and Kubernetes! DTS helps you to evaluate which applications can be mapped as containers and how a corresponding migration should be presented. We support you in professionally transferring your current environment to Kubernetes or containers.

Felix Ogris
Head of Technical Presales
+49 5221 1013-765 Contact

At a glance:

Customized consulting & conceptual design by experienced consultants

Explicitly practical presentation of the transformation or migration

Proven expertise in Linux environments

Rancher partner for many years

DTS as cyber security software vendor & specialist

The service

Our Kubernetes Workshop in detail:


  • To get to know your company better
  • To know your future vision
  • To record your current environment
  • Elaborate on the requirements for the Kubernetes environment
  • Clarify Kubernetes-related questions


  • Obtaining an accurate view of the applications in use
    • Which applications are already containerized?
    • Which applications can be containerized?
  • Determining the compute power required for a Kubernetes environment

Process & Approach:

  • Questionnaire as preparation
  • Recording of the ACTUAL situation & definition of one or more TARGET states 
  • Simultaneous consideration of IT security
  • Joint brainstorming
  • Concept creation by DTS & subsequent concept presentation & discussion
  • If desired: Creation of an individual Kubernetes offer


  • Comparison of ACTUAL situation & TARGET situation
  • Elaboration of one or more individual target scenarios
  • Description of the implementation
  • Scope: 10-15 pages, incl. situation & glossary

Next steps:

  • Security tuning of the environment by the DTS Cyber Security Team
  • Implementation of the contract by the DTS Linux Team
  • Integration of the DTS Project Team (optional)

Unique selling propositions:

  • Best practice expertise for best help & advice
  • Subject matter experts specifically dedicated to Kubernetes
  • Rancher partners, with Kubernetes forming the basis of the collaboration
  • Workshop in close connection to DTS Cloud resp. Infrastructure Workshop, which help us even more to get to know customers fully
  • IT-Security as an elementary topic at DTS -> every concept is created under the aspect of IT-Security
  • We not only develop concepts, we are also specialists in their implementation and the provision of solutions and services.
  • DTS is able to link Kubernetes with other relevant topics or challenges or to integrate them there

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    Felix Ogris
    Head of Technical Presales
    felix.ogris@dts.de+49 5221 1013-765
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