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"It's time for change!" - This is what more and more companies say. The cloud is the answer to the question of how IT and digitalization will be consumed and used in the future. A change in IT culture, new skills, approaches and huge opportunities await in the cloud. But only an established multi cloud service provider, no matter what phase you are in, will pick up the thread and continue to spin it successfully. We develop the perfect cloud strategy, implement it and actively support you in achieving optimal business results.

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Head of Sales - Cloud
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Cloud is the answer

The cloud is a key response to IT threats, complexity, shortages of skilled workers and expertise, cost pressure and digitalization. It guarantees performance, scalability, efficiency, flexibility, availability, security and significant cost optimization. There will be an increasing need for and investment in IT on site. Companies would have to permanently purchase hardware for this and thus tie up capital. The cloud scales costs in line with demand. But above all, it significantly reduces the workload of IT staff and helps them to concentrate more on their core business. What if a central single point of contact makes all this possible?

A veteran & pioneer in the cloud

As a cloud veteran, we know all about the cloud. Many of our 1400 managed services customers benefit from customized managed cloud services. The perfect, customized combination of architecture, platform, hyperscaler and over 100 modular services is one thing. The other is consulting, workshops, operation and much more. Everything is provided from our own German data centers or in hybrid scenarios - certified and GDPR-compliant.

Together into the digital transformation!

You don't need to worry about availability, reliability and cloud security anyway: Security Operations Center, monitoring, support and operation with on-site technicians - we are real IT security experts, 24/7. And we've saved the best for last: In the DTS Cloud Portal, you can book, manage, configure and scale all services in the areas of cloud & IT security via a self-service portal and always have an overview of your current resources.

At a glance:

Multi Cloud Services Provider

as a long-term single point of contact

Customized managed cloud services

for 1400 managed services customers

Integrated consulting & operation

for over 100 service modules
in the cloud portal & all hyperscalers

Certifications & GDPR-compliant

in our own German data centers

Best IT security, availability & reliability

SOC, cloud security, monitoring, support, operation with on-site technicians ... all 24/7

More core business

Less challenges & stress

Platforms, solutions & services

Automation & Optimization

Conserve resources through automation, greater efficiency in IT operations, streamlining of IT processes, future-oriented IT strategies & optimization of IT infrastructure

Cloud Access & ISP

Development of a tailor-made strategy for reliable & secure cloud connection, requirements-based networking and optimization of data lines

Cloud Infrastructure

Flexible & scalable cloud infrastructure in certified German data centers, all GDPR-compliant and with computing power, storage, network & security resources as required

Cloud Workshops

Practice-proven & standardized multi cloud workshops to jointly develop individual cloud solution concepts according to your current requirements


Secure, mobile, high-performance, stable networking, with customized scenarios & leading cybersecurity

Data Management & Protection

Store data in a highly available & consistently secure manner, whether in your own data center or in the cloud

Digital Workplace

Establishment of the digital workplace & implementation of mobility initiatives, with modular & customized solutions

Disaster Recovery

Holistic & customized disaster recovery concept for maximum availability

DTS Cloud

DTS managed multi cloud from our own high-performance data centers, with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, reliability, leading IT security & 24/7 operation with on-site technicians

DTS Public Utility Cloud

Customer loyalty through the provision of flexible cloud storage for photos, videos, music & documents - a cloud developed with public utilities for public utilities

Hyper Converged Systems

Consolidation of network, servers & storage into one unit for easy scaling and sustainable cost & administrative savings

Kubernetes Workshop

The common path into the topics of containers & Kubernetes as well as our support for you to professionally transfer your current environment

Managed Cloud Services

Modular, flexible and scalable services for planning & migration to the cloud or for the 24/7 operation of your cloud environment

Managed Kubernetes

Centralized management & orchestration of containers, Kubernetes clusters & workloads in combination with reliable, secure operation and managed services

Microsoft O365

O365 as an important component in your multi cloud solution & digitalization

Private Cloud

Various scenarios in the private cloud, from setup to operation, from our DTS managed private cloud to dedicated & secured cloud environments

Public Clouds

Development of a holistic cloud strategy in combination with the large hyperscalers & modular managed services

Virtualization / SDDC

Server, client, network and storage virtualization as the core technology for "cloud" to enable and accelerate the provision of services, applications and resources

A tour of our data centers

The basis for the versatile and integrated DTS services is our excellent performance data (technical data may vary in the respective data centers):

  • Total area of over 1,600 m² operated by us, distributed over several fire compartments
  • Powerful connection
    • Germany-wide, redundant co-location & PoPs, e.g. DE-CIX in Frankfurt am Main & e-shelter in Berlin
    • Scalable Ethernet connections (x10 GE)
    • Fiber optic connections & fiber-based WDM connection between data centers
    • Low latencies
    • Separate building entries & routing
    • Automatic routing in the case of line or router failure
  • Uninterruptible, redundant power supply – almost entirely through green electricity
  • Emergency power supply via redundant battery storage & diesel generators
  • Permanent current monitoring and measurement of residual & differential current
  • Redundant, energy-efficient air conditioning technology – developed by German engineers
  • State-of-the-art room, technology & video surveillance
  • Access controls with personal access authorization
  • If required, special areas can be separated off and given additional access protection
  • Direct alarm system for fire & break-ins
  • Early fire detection & extinguishing system

Security standards

Our data centers meet the highest quality requirements and security standards. This applies to all aspects of operation, management and related services.

In accordance with the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of a documented information security management system and the necessary IT security measures, the DTS data center in Herford is certified by the BSI in accordance with ISO 27001 on the basis of IT baseline protection. This also includes the DTS Security Operations Centers in Herford, Athens and Thessaloniki. In addition, the energy management system is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001.


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