Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

Just “being in the cloud” is no longer enough. Businesses today are under pressure to use cloud technologies to solve strategic problems, create new revenue streams and reduce costs. Moving to a cloud-native approach can help to achieve these benefits more quickly. But implementation of a cloud-native IT infrastructure is associated with complex challenges that can only be overcome with a fundamental rethink. In addition to entirely new architectural methods and ways to provide, monitor and operate environments, this involves innovative technologies such as containers, serverless operation, IoT and machine learning.

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At a glance:

Planning & migration (cloud strategy workshops)

More security and higher reliability with integrated cloud architecture from our experts

24/7 operation of your cloud environment (from monitoring, backup, patch management, to managed security services such as endpoint protection, vulnerability scan and more)

Modular, flexible and scalable services

Continuous optimization: Option to request reassessments in order to optimize monitoring status

The service

Our managed cloud services in detail:

As they move towards cloud nativity, companies need further support beyond the purely technical. They need the advice of experts to guide them in scaling their IT in an agile way, transforming their environments and optimizing their operating models. This requires a fundamental change in the relationship between customers and managed cloud providers.

DTS managed cloud services are our central solution for managing cloud environments. We provide your company with a team of highly qualified engineers who will offer you effective support in the construction, migration, operation and further development of your cloud environments, regardless of whether they are operated in the public cloud, DTS cloud or private cloud. We will be happy to advise you in all these areas at any time.

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    Timo Butenkemper
    Head of Sales - Cloud 5221 1013-268
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