Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Today, the availability of IT and corporate data is crucial to the success and continued existence of a company, not least in the event of a cyber attack. But not only malicious attacks should be a reason to develop an appropriate disaster recovery strategy. In particular, short-term, unplanned power or internet outages and regulatory requirements must be taken into account. We enable you to achieve optimal, holistic disaster recovery for maximum availability.

Stefan Seidel
Regional Director & Head of Sales - Technologies
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Manuel Osiek
Sales Specialist - Cloud
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Customized disaster recovery concept

Consulting & experience in disaster recovery in the multi-cloud

Customized solutions through integration of DTS infrastructures

Expertise in meeting the highest disaster recovery requirements

Over 20 years of experience as an ISP & data center operator

Partnerships with leading suppliers

The service

Our disaster recovery in detail:

As a service provider and provider of customized management services and cloud solutions, we know exactly what it means for our customers when important data is not available. The options we offer to support you in this area are comprehensive. At the first stage, we help you determine your needs and define specific requirements. In doing so, we work with you to formulate fixed goals and derive the necessary measures from them. Our expertise in all areas of IT technology and our knowledge as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and operator of two of our own data centers make all this possible.

When it comes to the second stage, we have a specialized portfolio and many years of experience in meeting any requirements. For example, we can support you in implementing measures on site, integrate our data centers into an individual disaster recovery concept or include the public cloud to deliver a custom-fit scenario. Through our managed services, implementation always happens quickly and easily. We also minimize investment costs in this way.

Of course, such concepts must always be adapted to changing requirements. If a disaster really occurs, the measures put in place must always take effect. We therefore support you in creating emergency manuals and relaunch concepts. We regularly review these with you and adapt them to current requirements.


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    Stefan Seidel
    Regional Director & Head of Sales - Technologies
    stefan.seidel@dts.de+49 5221 1013-024
    Manuel Osiek
    Sales Specialist - Cloud
    manuel.osiek@dts.de+49 5221 1013-276
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