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Digital workplace

The digital workplace and the associated strategy of the company are becoming more and more relevant and essential so that employees can stay in contact away from the office and access the necessary information and tools to perform their work. This is not about a desk with a PC, monitor, keyboard and mouse. The digital workplace is more a way of working than a place. It is an important component in a company’s digitalization and mobility policy. Thus, it is not only the business requirements and applications that need to be considered, but the critical issues:

How mobile do users need to be? What data do employees need to access and from where? How is access secured? What about IT security, such as encryption, device control, protection against malware and exploitation? Which deployment scenario is right for you? Terminal server, VDI or client server? How do updates and new applications get onto devices? Who supports employees if there are problems or defects?

Timo Butenkemper
Head of Sales - Cloud
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Establishment of the digital workplace & implementation of mobility initiatives

Modular portfolio of managed services & customized solutions

Consulting, strategic alignment, conceptual design, connection, distribution, maintenance

Many years of project experience in the client business

Leading IT security and managed services

Our own 24/7 user helpdesk with trained IT specialists

The service

Our digital workplace in detail:

Through our long-standing strategic partnerships, we can provide you with the optimal support in implementing a mobility policy or establishing the digital workplace. With our managed services, we design comprehensive, customized solutions. We provide the end devices and package additional services exactly where you need them.

We advise you and work with you to design the user connection (VDI or terminal server) and distribution and maintenance of the necessary software packages, and we discuss the appropriate IT security strategy and support for users. We also draw on the extensive portfolio of our managed services and on the numerous options offered by our cloud partners, such as Microsoft 365.

The DTS User Helpdesk provides your users with central contacts. You ease the burden on your IT sustainably even in solving the specific problems of your users.


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    Timo Butenkemper
    Head of Sales - Cloud 5221 1013-268
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