DTS Vulnerability Management Service

DTS Vulnerability Management Service

Vulnerability management - the identification and prioritization of IT vulnerabilities - is still underestimated. Yet the highest priority should be to identify security vulnerabilities at an early stage and then fix them. With Tenable, we have a leading partner in the field of vulnerability detection at our side. In our joint service, we make all your IT assets and their security gaps visible. In addition, all problem areas are analyzed and prioritized. The result: We help you significantly to identify IT vulnerabilities quickly and effectively in order to be able to fix them afterwards - upgraded with important DTS added values as a managed service!

Alexander Wyrwol
Head of Sales - Cyber Security
+49 5221 1013-741 Contact
Timo Schulz
Manager Offensive Cyber Security
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Visibility, overview & representation of all assets & their vulnerabilities

Industry's most comprehensive vulnerability coverage

Vulnerability analysis, assessment & prioritization

Intuitive dashboard & user-friendly visualizations

DTS managed services - support, setup, deployment, best practice consulting, in-depth know-how (also via PoC)

The solution

Our vulnerability management in detail:

Making security risks visible, tracking dangers in the IT landscape and knowing exactly which vulnerabilities should be closed first - all this is delivered by best vulnerability management. Our cloud-based service, delivered according to German standards of course, provides you with these aspects by identifying all assets and vulnerabilities in your company. What makes it special: We additionally provide the industry's most comprehensive vulnerability coverage and prioritization of security issues.

Active scanning, agents, passive monitoring, cloud connectors, and CMDB integrations provide extensive visibility and a continuous overview of all assets. It does not matter if they are already known or were previously unknown. In addition, the collection and analysis of the attack surface is fully automated by the multitude of sensors.

Next, with coverage of more than 72,000 vulnerabilities and comprehensive support for CVEs and security configurations, we can track all risks in these assets. This is true even for highly dynamic assets such as mobile devices, virtual machines, containers and cloud instances.

Combining the vulnerability data with threat intelligence and data science, provides the final, easy-to-understand risk assessment. Based on this, you learn how to assess specific risks and which vulnerabilities to address and with what priority. Proactively identifying and assessing the vulnerabilities with the greatest impact on your business even addresses entirely new threats. As soon as they occur, you receive targeted alerts and can respond immediately.

More generally, the intuitive dashboard displays a wide variety of visualizations, insights, and quick analyses. But it also offers customizable reports, e.g. to actively inform security teams about critical issues.

DTS Managed Services
We provide you the vulnerability management as a real managed service. This means that we supplement the actual solution with numerous service added values that not only save you significant resources, but also provide you with important know-how. We offer best-practice consulting in advance and will be happy to work with you to create a proof of concept (PoC). This includes a kick-off for all necessary coordination, intensive exchange already during the actual PoC period as well as a final discussion on the corresponding results. Of course, setting up and providing the platform for you is also part of the service. In addition, we take over all support.


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    Alexander Wyrwol
    Head of Sales - Cyber Security
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