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Germany ranks fifth in the world for ransomware attacks. The number of incidents has increased exponentially in recent years and medium-sized companies are the most at risk, accounting for half of all attacks.

Why Incident Response?

Sometimes even the best IT security is useless. Attackers can always find a gap somewhere in the worst-case scenario!

The entire spectrum of your IT infrastructure can be affected!

You need an experienced, permanent contact person at your side who can act quickly and competently in an emergency!

We are your emergency response team! We have the necessary resources, experts and in-depth specialist knowledge, regardless of the IT infrastructure and incident in question!

Alexander Wyrwol
Head of Sales - Cyber Security
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Integrated approach

As always, we take a integrated approach, also in response to the increasing number of incidents. Our solution: an incident response program.


Coordinated, proactive assessments enable the establishment of risk and emergency management in your company as the best possible starting point. The assessments are not included in the Incident Response Service, but can be added as an option. It is also possible to redeem or purchase assessments with credits already received during the ongoing Incident Response Service.

Incident Response

Depending on the size of the incident, DTS provides and scales the necessary resources. We are there immediately, ensure your business continuity, identify the problem, respond appropriately and resolve it, including recovery.

Post Breach

We do not stop at restoring the status quo. We go THE step further and provide active support in strategic hardening, implementing security measures and eliminating potential future attack surfaces.

Incident Response with DTS?

  • Unbeatable 24/7 service times & availability via remote or on-site: DTS is represented throughout Germany & can therefore reach you immediately to carry out important steps directly
  • Time-critical reconnaissance, containment & clean-up 
  • Complete IT security knowledge & the entire spectrum of DTS services from a single source 
  • Over 40 years in the IT market, including decades of experience with the highest IT quality & security standards
  • Easy scalability to match the size of the incident

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Alexander Wyrwol
Head of Sales - Cyber Security
alexander.wyrwol@dts.de+49 5221 1013-741
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